big hands I know you’re the one

A couple of nights ago, during part of Phoebe’s pre-bath stalling tactics, Phoebe started to pull coins out of John’s pockets and put them in one of John’s hands. As John will often have pretty substantial loads of change in his pockets, I asked, “Are you going to be able to hold all the coins in one hand?” To which John replied that he had big hands. Followed shortly thereafter by “Big hands I know you’re the one.”

So John and I started singing “Blister in the Sun.” Phoebe dug it. We’d get to the end of the verse, and she’d say “more!” Then we played the various album versions, and we all danced. Rockin’ out in the upstairs bathroom.

(That’s a live 1984 version. If you want to hear the studio version, you can check out one called the Violent Sims, with an animated video. I also came across a video of a guy signing along the with the lyrics in ASL. Ah, the wonders of YouTube.)

23 thoughts on “big hands I know you’re the one

  1. oh, the coincidence! my post is about a random classic of the 80s, too…

    isn’t it fantastic when the younger generation thinks cool stuff is still cool? i was running around with my baby brother (he’s a whole decade younger) over the holidays, and he had the most deliciously non-generation-typical collection of music in his car: everything from enya to nirvana to CCR to elton john. i can’t even make that up.

    fun times…Phoebe will be primed to be a punk princess in no time at all.

  2. I’ve always loved that entire album, and sometimes it annoys me that Blister in the sun became so popular and well-known among all subsequent generations while there are so many brilliant songs on that album that are almost completely ignored. Please do not go, Gone, daddy, gone, Kiss off! This was 80s acoustic music at its best; incoherent lyrics aside.

  3. now I will have that song stuck in my head.

    when my praise band gathered for the best Xmas party I ever attended out singing of carols around the piano QUICKLY evolved into singing random songs from the 70s and 80s while our leader rocked out on the guitar. This song was one of them. There was a definite age divide in who knew the song. ;)

  4. Viva Wisconsin is one CD that never, never leaves my car. My Bon Jovi CDs are the others, but that’s because they’re not allowed inside the house.

  5. Breaking out into song is a KC household tradition. Okay, mainly KC but it’s infectious.

    That song so reminds me of Brown. Didn’t they come for Spring Weekend?

  6. There was a brief period recently (and I’m sorry if you’d rather not know this) where the guitar riff in this song was used in a Wendy’s commercial. Which always made me laugh.. Were the folks at Wendy’s not familiar with the lyrics? Did they just assume most people wouldn’t recognize the song? Or maybe for reasons unknown they actually wanted to associate their food with a strung out, sheet-staining lech? (which could really only improve their food, in my opinion)

    Anyway, I’m stuck imposing my own tastes on my friends’ kids, since I have no offspring to corrupt, I mean, influence. Expect my compilation “Twee Tunes for Tots” in the mail any day now. .

  7. The bass player from the Violent Femmes retired to Tasmania, and one of the conditions of his visa was that he continue to teach and promote music here. So I’ve been lucky enough to see them live – twice!

  8. fireweaver-
    Punk princesss? I can handle Phoebe going punk, it’s the princess part I fear.

    3, 3, 3 for my heartache! 4, 4, 4 for my headache!
    It is a cool album.

    Glad you enjoyed it! We had fun.

    Yeah, it’s a great song.

    It did somewhat disturb me to find that the concert version I grabbed was from…over 20 years ago.

    Not your typical toddler bathtime tune-age, huh?

    Viva Wisconsin is a great album, too.

    I don’t remember seeing them at Brown, but it’s always possible I missed it. I did have a semester abroad.

    Oh, my.

    I hope it was a good flashback.

    It’s best not to think about age in these cases. A cool song is an ageless thing.

    Ah, yes.

    Yeah, Phoebe rocks. (If I do say so myself.)

    Wendy’s? Yeah, I was probably happier not knowing about that. It reminds me a bit of seeing “Lust for Life” used for a commercial for a cruise line, or some such. A song about heroin use. Or that time when Microsoft used “Start Me Up” for a commercial. Hello? The refrain is mostly the line “you make a grown man cry.” Which I think quite nicely captures the frustrations of using Microsoft software.

    It was fun. But I’m still in denial about the passing of my own youth.

    That’s pretty cool!

  9. Witnessing my 3 yr-old daughter “shaking it” to Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girl” this weekend sent me reeling.

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