a few categories of people

Tonight I am feeling envious and/or jealous of the following categories of people:

  1. Those people who ever get to sleep past 7 a.m.
  2. Those who have time to watch TV, watch movies, or read books, especially on weekends.
  3. Those who haven’t committed to revising and submitting conference abstracts due on a Friday night.
  4. Those who don’t have another conference paper revision due the following Monday.
  5. Any individuals who have not insanely committed to presenting a computational linguistics textbook chapter to a group on the Saturday morning of the same weekend as those other deadlines.

Really, it’s all good. But I find myself with strong cravings for mindless entertainment and near-vegetative activites. I thought a little bit of whine might help. Ooo, and maybe some cheese.

20 thoughts on “a few categories of people

  1. Especially whine and cheese! :)

    Well, you can only feel envious of me for 4 out of 5. Sleeping past 7am is never an option, even on weekends, with two pesky cats who demand brekky at 6.45.

  2. here’s the problem…once you start the near-vegetative activities, it’s hard to get back to the work that has to be done! And add the wine into it, well….hehe

  3. I’m not sure what computational linguistics is, but I did focus on linguistics as an undergrad. That word makes me shudder, and therefore you have earned my sympathy.

  4. Would you envy me then if I told you I’ve spent the day reading and watching episodes of “Twin Peaks”?
    sorry. I do have empathy for you though,

  5. You THINK you’re jealous of me, because I’m in bed on a Saturday, watching TV and reading blogs on the laptop, but when you add in all the homework I’ve done today and the raging sinus infection/bronchitis I’ve got…it balances, right?

  6. Aaaah, was wondering what was behind your recent blogging inactivity… And yes, I fit into a lot of categories of the people you envy — but remember that when I watch movies, it’s often for work (which means paying extra attention, writing notes in the dark, etc.). OTOH, no movies for me this weekend — ‘only’ two plays to go to!!! ;b

  7. Dude. I have a 60 slide powerpoint show that covers Everything I Know About Computational Linguistics. Which is not much. But every time I give that lecture, I don’t sleep for days beforehand.

    Boo for people with free time. Um, except Kyla. She needs the naps :-)

  8. Yikes! Although I never get to sleep past seven, either, I don’t envy you the rest. I hope you catch a break (and maybe some mindless entertainment) sometime in the near future!

  9. fluttercrafts-
    Then I’m glad to share!

    I guess cats are a bit like toddlers, then.

    Interesting thought. Though perhpas not conducive to productivity.

    I’m glad to hear you get a few hours of leisure in. And I guess your writing deadlines are largely self-imposed at this point.

    Ah, yes. The trap of vegetative activities. It’s so easy to think “just one more hour” won’t be a problem. I’ve been there.

    I’m sorry that Linguistics makes you shudder. I think perhaps you met a particularly toxic strain.

    Yes. Absolutely. Green with envy.

    Yes, you’re right. Raging sinus infection and bronchitis would not be a desirable pre-requisite of watching mindless TV. So I suppose I don’t envy you in this case. (Well-played…You win this round.)

    Notes when watching movies? That does sound like work.

    Huh, I didn’t realize that your work brushes up against computational linguistics.

    Thank you for the well wishes. I have indeed caught a bit of a break! Two hours of staring at the TV last night, even.

  10. you probably also don’t want to know that I spent a good deal of time during the day making magnets and then went to a tuvan throat singing show later that evening.

  11. Yeah, I think you are jealous of me all round.

    PS, I get to sleep past 7, but that is only because I have to resettle for a hour between 4-5am. Does that still count?

  12. “I guess cats are a bit like toddlers, then.”

    Yeah, except they don’t ever grow out of it. On the other hand, I won’t have to send them to university…

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