Phoebe’s new digs

I’ve decided to move the old Phoebe Blog over to WordPress. The iWeb application was great to get started, and handy for publishing pages of photos, but cumbersome for blogging. (I got a bit fed up with having to change the default surfer picture for each post, for one thing. And the bit about not being able to publish a post without also publishing any exisiting drafts was also quite irksome.)

So, updates about Phoebe will now be at this (new) version of The Phoebe Blog.

6 thoughts on “Phoebe’s new digs

  1. jen-
    Hmm. Hardcore. Is that the image I want for my toddler?

    Her cheeks are terribly, terribly smoochable.

    Thanks! As for importing, I don’t think there’s a straightforward way, as iWeb is not standard blogging software. I may get around to moving the old posts someday. And there are actually only a handful of comments.

    Ah, the Phoebe Blog predates this blog. I started it up as a virtual baby book, and as a way of updating extended family members on things. (This is the blog that I haven’t really publicized to extended family…)

    Well, she does have a passport!

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