where I’ve been, where I am, where I’m going to be

I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about my frequent online absences again. I have lots to write about, but…you know the drill. I’ve been reading blogs, but once again, rarely can find the time/energy/coherence to comment. I’m sorry if I haven’t appeared to visit lately. I’m still visiting, just stealthily. I get dressed up in a ninja costume and everything.

In case anyone is wondering, here’s what I’m up to these days:

  • We just got back last night from a weekend trip to my in-laws. The way down was harrowing. It’s usually 3 and half to 4 hours, but took 6 due to traffic. Phoebe was awake for the first 5 of those. The visit was good, but (as always) led to very little time to even think.
  • I’m heading to California in less than 48 hours for a family reunion in honor of my mother’s 70th birthday. (This will make the third long trip by air in less than 2 months. Yes, that is too much.) I’m excited about the trip, but I know it will be tiring, too. I also have to find some time to do a few party-related tasks I’ve signed up for. (Right now, for example, a box of photos sits beside me on the couch, demanding some sort of action to become an album or slide show.)
  • I would have liked to have taken it easy today, but my day was pretty scheduled. Mondays I take Phoebe to her early intervention play group and one-on-one meeting. Phoebe loves going, and I hate for us to miss a day. Especially as we’re going to get booted out in a few weeks due to Phoebe’s delinquent and criminal tendencies. No, wait. Due to her startlingly rapid progress in expressive language.
  • Then I have my violin lesson Monday afternoons. I usually try to do some stuff (and practice the violin) before my lesson, but today I could only manage to nap. This probably had mixed results on my performance during the lesson, but was likely the better choice for my health and sanity.
  • Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment first thing in the morning after I take Phoebe to daycare. Doctor’s visits are becoming more frequent now.
  • Then I drive to Boston for a work meeting. I’m hoping to make some progress on designing an experiment before the meeting. Which means tonight.
  • Work deadlines have still been pressing. I’m feeling a bit panicky about reaching my own academic goals before my impending “confinement.” I’d really hoped not to be working frantically right up to my labor. My goals of getting to ABD (all but dissertation) by mid-July have already been adjusted somewhat, but I haven’t quite decided how.
  • Which reminds me. I’m not quite sure when I’ll be finishing this here degree I’ve been working towards, though I still intend to finish. It’s pretty common for people to ask when I expect to be done. Lately, I’ve had this answer: “I’m expecting further delay.” I think that has a nice ring to it. Maybe the little guy will end up being named Further Delay.
  • 8 thoughts on “where I’ve been, where I am, where I’m going to be

    1. Your LO will be quite the accomplished womb traveler! I can barely tolerate trips to NJ, but at least now that I’m in the homestretch, I don’t have to anymore. And Further Delay sounds like a great name–Mine’ll just have to be Anticipated Delay.

    2. Why do people ask that question? If Ph.D.s were easy to get, everyone would have them! Ignore the question and keep plugging away.

    3. No guilt, honey. We’ve all been there – or are currently there – and will probably revisit blog deliquency again and again. Just like Six Flags but without the vomit-inducing rides.

    4. Hi Alejna —

      Don’t know about you but when I don’t blog in a while, I start to worry that I’m neglecting my blog. But when I find time to blog very regularly (i.e., daily or close to it), I worry that too much of life is passing me by while I blog… ;S

    5. Wow, crazy-busy!!

      I posted it back on your chocolate post, but I’ll write it here too: I got my box of goodies today!!! Thank you so very much!

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