Theo is one month old today, and I can’t believe how fast it’s flown by. So different from my previous experience with the newborn phase. (I’ve been known to say that the first 4 weeks of Phoebe’s life were the longest 6 months of my life.)

But I admit it. I’m going a little stir crazy. Having a newborn is very isolating.

I actually wrote up some longer whining, but it was too whiny. Life is good. I just miss adult conversation. And the ease of electronic communication afforded by having two hands available for typing. And unfettered leisure time that can be measured in increments of longer than 5 minutes. Okay, I’m getting whiny again. Sorry.

But I do like having an excuse to post some Joy Division.

12 thoughts on “isolation

  1. babe, i wish you were closer. we’d go for a long walk and i’d hold the baby while you took a bath. and oh, there would be wine in the bath.

  2. It’s strange, isn’t it? How lonely early motherhood can be in this culture? It’s one of the ways this thing we define as “progress” has failed us, I think. But I’d better stop before I get whiny. ;)

  3. jen-
    Ah, that would be sweetness.

    True. That may contribute to my perception that time is passing faster.

    It is good to talk to my sister. (Hi, sister!) Though the time difference can interfere. As can John’s tendency to be on the phone for work calls most of the evening.

    It’s somehow less isolating to know that others know the isolation. Ya know?

    Aw, thanks. I live too far from everybody, it seems. And I do know that there’s an endto this tunnel, but I can’t remember how long it is.

    Third? Bite your tongue!

    Intersting point. I don’t have me a village, for sure. (And feel free to whine. Whining is welcome here.)

  4. Not whining at all…that’s what we’re here for!

    Theo looks so sweet and calm…I know exactly what you mean about all of it. Some days I couldn’t figure out why I was lonely and then I realized that I didn’t have an adult conversation with anyone and no time to even make a phone call. And if I tried, that was usually when the chaos would start up…

  5. Happy one month anniversary to Theo and you. Have to say that I’m amazed you can still find the time and energy to blog, be a mother to TWO children, wife, grad student, etc., etc.!

  6. He’s just gorgeous!

    It’s funny. I can remember that the newborn phase was exhausting, but right now we’re in the just learned to walk and cutting molars phase…and somehow it seems that this wears me out even more!

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