the sound of two hands typing

Ah. I have a bit of time to type with two hands. Theo is snoozing away in a swing, after a long day of fussing. (I’m starting to think that perhaps Theo is not “ultra mellow,” as babies go, but perhaps merely “not colicky.” Which, compared to Phoebe, seems mellow. But we’ve had a few rough days. Especially since Theo’s cold, which lasted a good week or more.)

Anyhow, I’m feeling less cranky the last few days. I’ve still been busy, but have been enjoying myself more. Part of the crankiness has been coming from the feeling that I should be getting stuff done, and as a result, (in addition to not getting stuff done) I have not been giving myself much of a break. I had a great weekend, though. A cousin was in the state on business, and stayed with us a few nights. We played scrabble (on a real board with real wooden tiles) and chatted, and had dinner out at a Japanese buffet. (I had sushi for the first time since before my pregnancy.)

John and I have also watched a couple of silly movies. (Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, and The Forbidden Kingdom. An interesting pair of quest movies, now that I think about it. I’d actually commented last night that the Forbidden Kingdom was a bit like cinematic junk food. Enjoyable, but not a masterpiece. And in Harold and Kumar, there is a quest for junk food.)

Now I’m looking forward to having a Halloween party. I’ve been missing seeing friends, most of whom live closer to Boston. (We live out in the boonies.) And some of whom don’t have cars. And pretty much all of whom are quite busy. (Only one friend has been able to come visit us since Theo was born–Thanks Erica!) Anyhow, I hope to get a bunch of people over here for the party. (If you are reading this, and live in or near New England, and are not a crazy psycho-stalker, consider yourself invited. Leave a comment, and I can email you the details.)

I still have plenty of stuff I need to get to. It’s so hard to accomplish things when time is so limited. I find myself wasting the little availble time that I have. (Damn those word games on Facebook. I found one that I can play with one hand, though.) I keep meaning to make to do list. (You know how I love me some lists.) Here, I’ll make a bit of one here. That way I can feel like posting is productive, and not merely procrastination…

    To Do List

  • Write a to do list
  • put laundry in dryer
  • Update my about page to include Theo
  • Update Phoebe’s blog
  • Post pictures of Theo
  • Print/send birth announcements
  • organize/pay bills
  • clean/organize house
  • finish PhD

There. 9 items. That doesn’t look so bad, does it? (Well, I may have left a few items off. And perhaps condensed one or two.)

Oh, on the productivity front. I have good news. Phoebe has graduated to wearing “big girl underwear” to daycare. I feel like that deserves a ceremony.

I can’t believe how big she is getting.

My big little baby, today.
My big little baby, today.
My little baby, a couple weeks ago.
My little little baby, a couple weeks ago.

Here are sister and brother, together, from Friday:

Phoebe and Theo
Phoebe and Theo

And here is Theo, as of a minute ago or so. See, eyes are still closed:

Theo swings left.
Theo swings left.
Theo swings right.
Theo swings right.

6 thoughts on “the sound of two hands typing

  1. I will help you by adding to your list:

    – add Julia as friend on Facebook

    – play Scramble with Julia

    You’re welcome!

  2. Oh, he is so adorable. So adorable!

    And I love that photo of Phoebe in the basket, I have similar photos of BubTar in KayTar’s gear.

  3. The two in the basket are terrific.

    Scrabulous came back as Lexulous. Not that you needed to know that. And the email game feature doesn’t work yet.

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