pants blogger slacks off

I haven’t really been slacking off, but I really wanted to use that title.

Anyhow, it’s been a busy week. We had our Halloween party last night, and I spent a lot of time the past few days cleaning, organizing, running errands and generally running around like a chicken with its head cut off. (That was not my costume by the way.) Maybe I’ll have a chance to write about the party (and our real costumes) a bit later. Right now we are running out the door to Ikea, resuming our quest to get Phoebe a big girl bed.

Like Magpie, there are a lot of posts that I have been working on. Some are drafts, some are still lurking around in my head. I’ll filch¹ Magpie’s idea to post a list of posts I have been thinking about this past week:

  1. I have several ThThTh posts in progress, but couldn’t find the time to shine one up enough to post. (Those things take a long time to do when I use images.) You almost got to see my ass post on Thursday. Well, you almost got to see a list of donkeys…
  2. Phoebe has entered the “why” stage. It sort of sneaked up on us.
  3. All this talk about Palin “dropping her Gs” makes me want to write a phonetics/sociophonetics post. (I had great plans to write on for this past Tuesday’s “Talk Like Sarah Palin Day” business.)
  4. I can’t stop thinking/reading/talking about the election.
  5. I am feeling really exicted about the election and the (dare I say it?) likelihood that Obama will win.
  6. Did I mention that I am thinking a lot about the election? And I am feeling some powerful optimism. My Republican best friend and I can talk about politics without fighting for the first time in our 20-year friendship. Today John sent me this link to a very short post this morning and I got choked up. And then this line from Magpie’s post gave me chills:

    My Republican father – who told me the other day that he thought Obama had the chance to be one of the best presidents ever.

¹ The word filch is also something that I filched from Magpie…²
² I am declaring today to be International Filch From Magpie Day.³
³ Which reminds me, I should update on the last idea I filched from Magpie, for Blog Action Day. I owe Unicef some money…

8 thoughts on “pants blogger slacks off

  1. Re: the ‘why’ stage. Good luck! Bright kids get to it sooner and stay at it longer, in my experience. I wish I had had a computer then — my stock answer after they learned to read was ‘Go and look it up’. Never worked — the answer they found always lead to *more* whys.
    I can’t wait for the ‘Talk like Palin’ post. She’d be so funny if someone had made her up.
    And thanks for the lead to Magpie, whose blog is just amazing.
    Canadian holding her breath up here… I think Obama’s actually going to do it. (Thunk! I’m knocking on my wooden head)

  2. Did I hire you as my press agent? Maybe I should!

    I’m also consumed about the election. My husband is a little tired of it. Oh well – this too shall pass.

  3. The posts that you don’t really have time or energy to write, I posted something similar today.

    I’m hopeful about the election, too, but my Republican mother is more of the “Obama is the antichrist.” ilk, so not TOO hopeful. LOL.

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