10 Classics of Pants Horror Cinema

Just when you thought you were safe from my pants, they come back at you with a vengeance! Hold on to your pants, as Pants Cinema presents these 10 Classic Horror Movies.

  1. Night of the Living Pants
    A group of people seek refuge in a farmhouse after radiation from a fallen satellite causes their pants to come to life.
  2. The Pants of Frankenstein
    After stitching him together from corpses and bring him to life, Dr. Frankenstein struggles to clothe his monstrous creation.
  3. Island of Lost Pants
    A shipwrecked man finds himself on an island inhabited by a madman who performs bizarre experiments on pants that were believed lost at the laundromat.
  4. Invasion of the Pants Snatchers
    A small-town doctor learns that the pants of his community are being replaced by ill-fitting alien duplicate pants.
  5. Rosemary’s Pants
    A young couple moves into an apartment only to be troubled by the appearance of a pair of pants that neither of them purchased.
  6. Children of the Pants
    Children in rural Nebraska are incited by a creepy young preacher to steal the pants from every adult in the town.
  7. The Amityville Pants
    A family purchases a selection of second-hand pants, only to be haunted by the discovery that the pants were worn by people with really bad taste.
  8. The Invisible Pants
    A mad scientist finds a way of making things invisible, but since he’s insane, the only things he cloaks with invisibility are his pants.
  9. Pants Sematary
    A couple is horrified to discover that pants fashions discarded in recent decades come back to haunt them, hideously altered.
  10. Dawn of the Pants
    Zombies rise from the dead and drive a small group of survivors to seek refuge in a secluded shopping mall, where they find great bargains on pants.


This monstrosity of a post can be attributed to radiation emitted from this week’s Monday Mission, hosted by Painted Maypole, which causes innoncent-looking posts to take the form of a horror movie plot summary. Or in this case, 10 of them.

13 thoughts on “10 Classics of Pants Horror Cinema

  1. Glorious! I can’t wait until they hit a theatre near me, especially #8. Have just been reading Under Pantswould, too, so this especially resonated.

  2. I love you. I really do.

    How about

    The Blair Pants Project: a group of campers have the pants scared off them while walking alone in the woods.

    American Pants in London: a bohemian traveler discovers that during a full moon his pants become … trousers.

    1. Mad-
      The feeling is mutual, Mad.
      I almost included The Blair Pants Project, but your summary is much
      As for American Pants in London, that is absolutely brilliant.

  3. LOL. LMAO.

    You’ve about ruined the word “pants” for me. I’ll have to make everyone call them “trousers” from now on, to keep from spontaneously breaking into laugher during serious pants conversations….

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