the curse of the sock store

Quite a few years ago, long before we had kids, we’d occasionally go on a weekend getaway to stay in a bed and breakfast somewhere in New England. During one such trip, we stopped by a town known for its shopping. I seem to recall that we were heading to a game store. We saw quite a few other specialty stores, though I don’t remember what they were for the most part. What I do remember was seeing a sock store.

John and I had never heard of such a thing before, and we had a laugh about the idea. I mean, really, a whole store devoted to socks? Who really cares that much about socks? How could a store stay in business that really sold just socks?

However, we are nothing if not curious. So we decided to stifle our laughter as best we could and pop into the sock store to see for ourselves. As you might imagine, what we saw were a lot of socks. Seeing as we both had feet, and both used socks, we thought we might as well pick some up. I found a set of 3 pairs of socks in a sale bin, and John got some other socks. We made our little purchase and went our way, continuing to laugh at the supreme silliness of a sock store. We mocked the sock store.

However, it would appear that the socks must not be mocked.

For it turned out that those socks we had bought, the ones we picked up on a whim, they were really good socks. Once we tried them, all of our other socks became instantly inferior. They fell down. They weren’t as comfortable. The sock store socks became the favorite socks, sock favorites to a couple of people who wouldn’t even have believed that one could have favorite socks.

What’s more, suddenly we needed more socks.

We found ourselves seeking out socks, not just buying them willy nilly. Before you knew it, our sock stock had multiplied in size, as did our need to find better and better socks. We lamented that there was no sock store nearby. Our desire for socks could not be sated.

The only reasonable explanation is that we fell victim to the curse of the sock store. Having mocked it, we are now forever doomed to want more socks.

13 thoughts on “the curse of the sock store

  1. this is something that would happen to me.

    I bought fleece socks this year (Acorn brand) and they are amazing. Plus, they don’t shrink like wool.

  2. My husband and I share socks and we are also big comfy sock collectors. We love to find great socks but then we fight over who gets to wear them!

  3. Where was this sock store? Does it have good stripey socks of high cotton content? I am also on a perpetual quest for more good socks…

  4. It’s like you’re the kid in Lawrence’s Rocking Horse Winner: “There must be more socks. There must be more socks.”

  5. Nice socks = good comfort. My favorite socks were bought together and have all recently begun developing holes. *sigh* Time for another sock hunt.

  6. Painted-
    I have very few silly socks, but perhaps I should branch out.

    Hmm. Fleece socks sound appealing.

    If you have to fight over who wears the socks, clearly you don’t have enough.

    Darn socks.

    Fox mocks socks, socks pox fox.

    I don’t actually even remember the name of the store. It may or may not have been “the sock store.”

    I don’t even remember what town. It was in New Hampshire. I’m pretty useless as advertising for them. And I’m sorry to say I remember very little about the presence of stripey socks. (We’re talking a good 12 or 13 years ago.)

    The universe never ceases to amaze.

    Exactly. There must be more socks.

    Yes, it must be the case, I’m sorry to say. You are doomed.

    Happy hunting. May you avoid the perils of the cursed socks.

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