Vote now!

Election day is finally here in the US.

There are quite a few hours left to go before we get the results. The world is all aquiver with antici…


Making us wait.

So the word that’s been on my mind today is anticipation. Which brings to mind this song.

(Anticipation, by Carly Simon)

Which brings to mind ketchup commercials.(And ketchup goes so nicely with Dr. Frankenfurter…)

And seeing as WordPress has this cool new poll feature, I thought I’d take advantage on this historic day to ask you an important question.

4 thoughts on “Vote now!

  1. For the linguist: Apparently, the English ‘ketchup’ (or ‘catsup’) is derived from the Malay ‘kicap’ (in Malay, “c” is pronounced as a “ch”) — which means sauce… and usually refers to soy sauce in Malaysia. :)

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