re-enter the dragon

I posted some pictures last night from a visit to Paris in the Summer of 2007. Several people were quite taken with the dragon sculpture, which was made of recycled materials.

These are the two photos of it that I posted yesterday:
The dragon. The claw of the dragon, showing the aluminum can scales.

The first of these prompted the flying mum to ask: “…why does the dragon have a big ball of fluff for a face?”

Ah. An excellent question. It was actually just my angle for that shot, which didn’t do the dragon’s face justice. In the sense that it didn’t actually show that the dragon had a face. But it did. Have a face, that is. The “big ball of fluff” was the dragon’s fire and smoke breath, made of plastic bags.

Here are a few more photos, some of which show the dragon’s face:

The dragon from afar.
The dragon from afar.
A closer crop of the dragon.
A closer crop of the dragon.
The dragon from the front.
The dragon from the front. (If you click on this one, you can see the picture at full size, so you can make out some more details.)
Another claw of the dragon, with vines growing over it.
Another claw of the dragon, with vines growing over it.

There’s also a nice shot of the dragon over at a post called A sunny afternoon in Paris at the “Jardin des Plantes”, which has some more photos of and info about the botanical gardens.

10 thoughts on “re-enter the dragon

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was hoping for more dragon pics. This thing is so fabulous. I had wondered about the ball-of-fluff face thing, too. I figured it was supposed to be fire, but couldn’t get an idea of what the dragon head behind it must look like.

    Was this part of an exhibit, or is he just there until he falls apart?

  2. In the first shot yesterday, it looked exactly like my Wire Fox Terrier’s beard, so i thought nothing weird about it.

    Thanks for further inspiration. My back yard is devoid of landscaping.

  3. Have to admit that in the picture which shows more of the area, it’s not the dragon or even the stately home and garden that impresses me but the sky — so blue and with such lovely clouds in it! ;)

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