A certified spoon-free post! (Well, except for that use of the word spoon. Oh, and that last one, too. Ah, to hell with it. Spoon, spoon, spooooooooons!)

I made it through my second NaBloPoMo, having posted 30 times in the month of November. This here is my National Blog Posting Month Post Mortem. You know, the NaBloPoMoPoMo.

Last year vs. this year:
I have to say that it wasn’t a very satisfying experience this time around.

Last year, I followed Magpie over, and dove in enthusiastically. I really took advantage of the social networking aspects of the NaBloPoMo Ning website. I joined several groups, and created a few of my own. I’m most proud of the Ministry of Silly Blogs, for which I even started a new blog. There are a good dozen or so bloggers who I met last year through NaBloPoMo, and whose blogs I still read regularly, many of whom I now consider friends (see appendix).

This year, I didn’t manage to engage in the social networking. I had meant to revive the Ministry of Silly Blogs (I still hope to at some point), and to start a couple other groups. But alas, I didn’t have the time.

Really, my time is not my own at this point in my life. With a new baby, a toddler, as well as my job/school commitments, any time I find for blogging is actually borrowed time.

Last night I ended up posting a super-lame placeholder (or a placemat?) of a post, after a long day with my hands otherwise occupied. It seems quite fitting to end with a sputter, considering how things went this month. (I confess that I even had one other uber-lame post where I backdated the time by about 3 seconds. It was still before midnight on my laptop when I hit “publish,” but, well…)

I did at least accomplish the goal of 30 posts in those 30 days. At least some of which were worth posting.

What I posted:
I did 4 ThThTh lists, including a couple that had been rattling around in my head for ages. (Oddly enough, I had the utensils list in mind back when I started my themed lists.)

I enjoyed running away with themes and having more thematic connections between posts. (I had 3 posts relating to cans, 3 with dragons and an another on a Monster, 2 with reflections, and then a staggering 4 posts filled with utensils. Would you believe that I even have a 5th utensil one drafted? Yeah, I guess you’d believe that. But don’t worry, spoons won’t replace pants in my heart.)

I had grandiose plans to offer up a word each day, inspired by my appreciation of the word omphaloskepsis. I kept that up for maybe 5 posts.

I posted quite a few photo posts, some of which I’d been wanting to share but hadn’t gotten around to, and some of which I shared on a whim.

I managed to keep most of my posts brief, which is something I’ve tried to work on. (I’m always amused when people apologize for short posts. I like to read short posts! I need to apologize for this one, which is waaaaay too long…)

The highlights:
I’m going to take up an invitation from Heather of finding atman to list 5 posts I was glad I wrote during this past chaotic month.

  1. 80s pants party! pants-themed 80s songs complete with album cover art with my own pants font. (A Monday Mission.)
  2. Making history: in which I express my excitement on the eve of the US presidential election.
  3. You may have already won! A politically-oriented post in the style of a “congratulations” letter. (Also for a Monday Mission.)
  4. Feeding the Monster: about camping trips and can-collecting with my grandmother.
  5. anatomy lessons: in which I introduce the word penis to my 2-year-old daughter

I also wrote a post called The bittersweetness of pants, in which I talk about my dear friend who died last year. I’m not actually happy with the post, as I can’t really read it, but I needed to write it.

Appendix: NaBloBloggers

Blog(ger)s I met through last year’s NaBloPoMo, and still read regularly:

  1. a daily dose of zen sarcasm
  2. adventures in randomness
  3. Arbitrary Ruminations
  4. Art of Darkness
  5. ashley awesome
  6. BipolarLawyerCook
  7. blogapotamus rex
  8. Citizen of the Month
  9. country girl / city girl
  10. eye heart internet
  11. Fairstar the Funship
  12. Fretting the Small Stuff
  13. greeblemonkey
  14. laboratory tested
  15. riddlebiddle
  16. The Gav Menagerie
  17. wreke havoc

Blog(ger)s I met this NaBloPoMo season:

  1. On the Curb
  2. Donna Likes Orange
  3. Organize to Revitalize

And just to round things out, here are my blogger friends who have been partaking of this year’s NaBloMadness (some of whom also did it last year):

  1. Cold Spaghetti
  2. Mimi on the Breach
  3. finding atman
  4. If you want kin, you must plant kin
  5. The Journey
  6. Life as I Live It
  7. laboratory tested
  8. ashley awesome
  9. wreke havoc
  10. country girl / city girl
  11. a daily dose of zen sarcasm

(If I left you off my list, let me know, and I’ll add you.)

18 thoughts on “NaBloPoMoPoMo

  1. Well I didn’t sign up this year because I thought with the surgery and hospital stay I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Turns out I posted 33 times in November! :)

  2. I wasn’t nito it this year, I don’t really know wht (laziness?) but I had such a good time last year too! Are you relieved that it’s over?

  3. I’m glad I did it, but I’ll admit that I’m mightily relieved it’s over. Although it was edifying to discover my 24% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse, I’m not sure how much that needed to be part of a blog post! I did a post-a-day challenge when I first started blogging, and it was fun, but my life is more stressful and pressured these days, and the challenge was more a chore than a chuckle. Maybe next year will be better …

  4. ya’ll, we ALL missed the networking boat! likewise, i read lots of random tidbits off of the ning site last year – and just as likewise, not many this year. the forums, too, were nearly dead, not the bustling every-2-seconds-post-nanza of yore. what gives, ning, what gives??

    oh, well, we’ll always have ’07, right?

  5. This year was tougher than last year in the end, though it started out much easier. Nothing like surgery to provide blog fodder. Nothing like unbloggable drama to dry up the wells. I’m glad I stuck with it, though, and I probably will do it again next year, too.

  6. So I followed On the Curb over here and then noticed that we we have some similar tastes. I’ve been reading OTC and Wreke and Greeblemonkey since last November. Somewhere along the way I also stumbled on One Plus Two, The Journey and Flutter and they are in my reader too. It’s always fascinating to me to see how those blog rolls all end up like links in a chain bringing us together.

  7. admittedly, i didn’t do a whole lotta much with ning this year and the nablopomo site. too busy writing and dealing with the real havoc at home.

    but yay — you did it!! congrats on making it all the way through :-)

    and lol to azahar — i, too, had surgery this month and posted anyway. weird how things get done when you really have no time to do them!

  8. azahar-
    Wow! 33? You are amazing! (Of course, I knew that already.)

    I’m not sure I’m relieved it’s over. I still feel the urge to post daily. I think I’m still waiting for something more exciting to happen.

    Ah. I, for one, was glad to read about your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse. It had been somthing I was wondering about.

    And you still have my admiration, too! I was glad to have found you last year.

    Aw, thanks. I’m flattered to get your admiration.

    I think the social networking was more apparent last year, when the Ning website was fresh and new.

    You want me to throw knives at you? (And thanks for the poem. It will surely make it into my knife drawer. Also possibly my pile of peas.)

    My ego thanks you for the attentions!

    Yeah, ’07 was cool. Maybe next year we can figure out a way to revive the magic.

    It’s pretty amazing what you managed with your plate as full as it is! You rock.

    It’s very nice to meet you! And yeah, I love looking at people’s blogrolls. I like your metaphor about links in a chain. (Of course, now I’ve got “Chain of fools” going through my head.)

    I’m verily impressed by what you did last month. Even though many of your posts caused me pain from chronic ear-wormery. Amazing that you did this with all your real-life chaos.

  9. Well, I was with you up ’til the last week and a half and then the wheels fell off my reading bus what with the pox in my house. Congratulations for pulling it off. (NaPoBloMo that is, no pants)

  10. It was great “meeting” you on NaBloPoMo! Congrats on getting through it. I am glad it’s over! Btw, loved your “anatomy lessons” post…funny how those awkward moments end up making us laugh. Hope we’ll stay in touch and “meet up” again for NaBloPoMo 2009. =)

  11. I enjoyed reading this. I plan to NaNoWriMo in November to see if I can create anything worth moving forward with. I certainly don’t expect to complete a first draft of a novel in November, but I guess it could happen if I let the process take over my life (yeah, that’s going to happen…).

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