Would you call a cow furry? (PhotoHunt)

Cows at the dairy farm down the road from our house. Taken in March of 2006.

This week’s PhotoHunt theme is “furry.” Cows aren’t the first animals to come to mind for the term, but I like this photo, and I’m on a roll with the bovines for the Year of the Ox.

To see more fur a-flyin’, check out tnchick.

14 thoughts on “Would you call a cow furry? (PhotoHunt)

  1. YTSL-
    Yes, I wanted to mention your post, but I was typing one-handed, and was too tired. (But I did link it…)

    Yes, that is some classic (and classy) fur!

  2. I have seen som oxes, but I think theese are the first cows I have seen at this weeks photohunt. Reminds me of wonderful childhooddays at my grandparents farm :)

  3. Snoopy-
    Thanks, and thanks for visiting. I look forward to our future debates on the topic of cowhides.

    Jay P-
    Yowza. Shaggy, even.

    Mrs. Mecomber-
    Good logic.

    Hairy? Fur enough.

    Glad to remind you of happy memories! Thanks for visiting.


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