red bridges (PhotoHunt)

The PhotoHunt theme for this week is “bridge.” Like the reflections theme that first enticed to me to play along with this game, this is another theme that I am quite drawn to. I have many photos of (or with) bridges in my photo library, so it was hard to choose which to present.

In the end (or perhaps the beginning?) I chose to start with this photo, which reflects my fondness for reflections in photos, as well as my fondness for bridges. (You see how I like to run on with a theme? Just like that time when I ran on with spoons and reflections.)


This photo has the added appeal of showing the bright light and vibrant colors of a late summer day, which contrast so vividly with the colors of the landscape around my home right now. We are in the midst of a long, icy, snowbound sort of winter, which offers the sort of stark gray and white palette that can leave the eyes craving a splash of color.

And to warm and brighten things up a bit more, I offer photos of Phoebe, looking regal as she is wheeled (along with her Bunny-Bunny-Bunny) across the steeply sloping bridge.



This arched bridge is in a park in central Massachusetts, but it is clearly modelled after Japanese bridges, such as this one, in a park in Nara, Japan.

(The kimono-clad women in the photo are some linguists or other speech researchers attending a conference in 2004. It was during a special kimono-trying event, mind you, and should not be taken to reflect the standard style of dress of speech researchers attending conferences.)

And lest it appear that all red Japanese bridges are fancifully arched and primarily decorative, I offer up exhibit C, a very different red bridge which I came across (and walked across) in Kyoto, Japan. While this bridge is much more sturdy and utilitarian, I still appreciated its lines as well as its color.


To come across more bridges, make sure to visit the PhotoHunt home at tnchick.

p.s. Don’t forget to send in your Just Post nominations by the end of today, Saturday, February 7th.

13 thoughts on “red bridges (PhotoHunt)

  1. Had to laugh at your comment re the standard dress of speech researchers attending conferences. Must admit that on the subject of attire for speech researchers: I’m having visions of t-shirts with lots of interesting words, phrases and such on them… ;b

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