red britches

red_pants-250px1This was a post that I meant to write and post on Sunday. See how the post title from Saturday was “red bridges”?¹

The pants in the photo are from a snow suit I got for Theo at a second hand store for a few dollars. I quite like the festive suit, with its bright red fabric and traditional Chinese design, but we haven’t managed to get any use out of it yet.

Sunday was a special Chinese New Year’s event at the Boston Children’s museum, and John and I had talked about going. So I thought “hey, Theo can wear the snowsuit!” Of course, plans change. For a start, John was too busy with work to go. And then it was surprisingly warm, with temperatures in the low 50s after a long cold spell, so the snowsuit was out.

The museum website had a few items listed for the Chinese New Year day, including some plays and some concerts. There was even mention of a Lion Dance. Phoebe has a book about the Lion Dance, which was a favorite for a while. She loves music. She was going to love the day.

Getting ready to go was rough, though. Somehow amongst feeding Theo, getting breakfast for Phoebe and me, finding clothing for the 3 of us, diaper changes, trips to the potty, brushing hair, and packing up all the snacks, lunch, and whatnots we’d be needing for the day, the morning just evaporated. It was a bit past noon by the time we were ready to get in the car.

The last concert scheduled was for 1:30, and I wasn’t sure we could make it. But somehow we did. Phoebe and I ate our lunch in the car. We met up with my friend Erica (who happily was able to join us), parked at the garage, walked the couple of blocks over, checked in, and made it into the theater before the concert began.

I felt mildly victorious.

Of course, I didn’t get to see the whole thing, even though it was only a half hour long. We probably saw 15 or 20 minutes of it before Phoebe suddenly needed to use the potty. By the time we made it back, the concert was done. Then we missed the Lion Dance. There was a flyer given out with the schedule and so forth, but we hadn’t been given one, and didn’t find one till later. At which point we saw other goings on that we missed, too.

In all, we had a fine time, but it was rather a bust in terms of Chinese New Year activities.

When I got home, I thought I could write a little post about the day, and my various failed plans. But that plan failed, too. I don’t even remember what happened to the evening. It might have been one of the recent nights when I’ve fallen asleep in my clothes while putting Theo to bed.

Then I was going to post Monday, but the day evaporated again, and it was time to put together the Just Posts post, a new commitment I’ve taken on.

This is a common pattern in my life right now. I have grand plans for things I want to do, but time barrels forward in a blur of feedings and eating and diaper changes and trips to the potty. In trying to get little people to sleep, and big people to wake up. Work meetings. Doctor’s appointments. Home repairs. And somehow I’m always behind. Out of clean clothes, missing bill due dates and car inspections. Still needing to put away the Christmas tree ornaments. I often feel like I have little control, that I’m just bounced around from one obligation to the next. I get frustrated at the lack of time I have to myself, to do with as I wish.

But then again, I realize how good I have it. I may feel like I have no control over my time and my life, but I am here in this life by choice, and by good fortune. My days are full because my life is full.

But I’m a bit sorry I haven’t managed to get Theo into the damn snowsuit.


¹ Playing with post titles is one of the ways that I amuse myself. (cf. look who’s stalking and look whose stocking, putting my money where my mouth is vs. putting my money where my mouse is, pigeon post vs pidgin post, and grrrr vs. brrrr)

9 thoughts on “red britches

  1. I love that snow suit. It is fabulous. I also love you b/c I play with post titles too. Or at least I used to all the time. Now, I paint cupboards, nurse a sick girl, and never find time to blog.

  2. Yes, I love the snowsuit too. :)

    I often feel my life is a bit crazy – always behind, never time to do what *I* want, time passing in a blur – and I only have one! But I love every minute of my time with my little guy, and I can’t wait for my big guy to be home to share it with me…

    (Okay, first your post made me a bit teary, now I’m making *myself* teary. I think I’m having issues this morning.)

  3. A Chinese themed snowsuit? That is a thing of wonder.

    Also, the idea of driving an hour and a half for an outing with the kids is very daunting. I don’t think we’d ever leave the house, so kudos to you on that!

  4. One of the things I love about working on the edge of Chinatown is seeing all the excellent clothing that kids in the rest of the city just don’t get to wear. I love that snow suit, and I’ll bet Theo looks too adorable in it.

    I’m sorry, but I just checked the calendar. Isn’t it time for you and John to call the weekend nanny and take off for Tahiti or some such? Sounds as though you need the time off even more than I do. Hope you get some soon.

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