After a brief teaser from spring, who popped by for a couple of days with her sunny disposition and temperatures warm enough to show a bit of bare ground, prudish winter came back in a rush to cover the ground once more in a thick blanket of snow.¹

The silver lining to those snow-dumping clouds is that I finally got to put Theo in that red snowsuit.

Aside from that, I have lately realized that I’m really behind in my work.

Yes, I know that I’ve known before, but this time the realization has hit me hard. Like a snowball. A packed, icy snowball, that hits me in the face, and knocks me down into a snowbank where I flail awkwardly trying to get myself up, as snow-laden tree branches drop their load on top of me with a whump, getting snow in under my jacket collar.

I’m feeling, as it were, snowed under. Until I manage to dig myself out, I should be spending less time, you know, blogging.

So, once again, I apologize for the general absence of comments, and responses to comments. I’m still reading, but have such limited time with the ability to type.²

And once more, to distract you, I offer you gratuitous baby photos.





¹ Our driveway this year has been variously covered in blankets of snow and sheets of ice. I think at some point there may also have been a mattress pad of slush, topped by an eiderdown of freezing rain.

² Because my hands are numb from playing in the snow without gloves. Or something like that.

18 thoughts on “snowed

  1. Love your snow language. Made me think of how many ways we use those images; snowed in, snowed under, snow job, thick as snow. I am told there are a lot of words for snow in the Innu language; I could use one for the hard, scary layer on my laneway today.

  2. Theo’s face in that last photo expresses exactly how I feel about that weather. Maybe I need a cute snowsuit too.

  3. ok, picture #2 is killing me. I LOVE it. fantastic. something about the facial expression plus the tilt of the head and the way the poofy read snowsuit clad legs squeeze out of the leg holes… fantastic

  4. I love Theo’s expression in the first two photos! He’s got this look on like, “Uh, didn’t you notice that it’s cold out here. And that I seem to be stuck in some odd, butt-hugging thimble thingy?”

  5. Oh, wait. See, I’m feeling so snowed under with work, I’m only leaving half-comments! I meant to say that I empathize about the work craziness. I feel so completely behind. Part of me thinks this is just the way it’s going to be for a while, whether I like it or not … but the rest of me hopes that part is wrong!

    Good luck getting out from under.

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