Hey, friends-

So, I may not have mentioned it, but I’m not at home now. We’re down in Texas (Houston area) for a nephew’s wedding. We flew in Thursday. (And boy are our arms tired. Actually, they are, with all that luggage-lugging and toddler-wrangling and baby-hoisting. My feet are still pretty tired, too.)

If it’s any indication of how busy we’ve been, I started to write the above bit on Friday, and then had to adjust my original statement of “flew in yesterday.” I’ve had about 10 minutes time with my laptop up till now. Right now everyone else is asleep.

The wedding was yesterday, so we got to have cake on Pi Day. (No time to bake a pi pie this year.) I’ll hopefully manage to upload some photos. Photos of the kids, that is. I’m afraid I have no photos of the cake.

It’s been fun to see John’s family, but I find myself thinking that time “alone” with John with “only” two small children feels more like “privacy” than I’d been accustomed to.

Tomorrow we fly off to California to meet my newest nephew, who is almost 2 months old, and I’m terribly excited about that. Well, I’m excited about meeting the nephew, and seeing my family. I wish we could skip the flying off part. (Actually, the plane trip itself wasn’t so bad. It was the wrangling of 3 suitcases, 2 carseats, umbrella stroller, 5 carry-on bags, 1 three-year-old and 1 very large infant that was somewhat more challenging.)

The other bit that’s been keeping me busy, by the way, is work. I’ve had it in my head to make some progress on my research, with the goal of submitting an abstract to a conference. I was using just about every minute that was not dedicated to the care of small children to working on work that I pretty much owe. I made some good progress, but with the trip, it wasn’t looking like I could manage. However, the deadline for the conference was miraculously extended a week, so there’s still a chance I can pull it off. Really, I should be using this unexpected window of time (before the onslaught of family obligations kicks in) to get back to work, but here I am instead.

I’m not sure when I’ll have time to post again, or even to read blogs. And now I hear the wimper of a little person beginning to stir, so I’d best post this before another 2 days pass.

Thinking of you fondly,


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