a few recording tech relics (photohunt)

This week’s PhotoHunt theme is “technology.” After my recent rush of breadrelated posts, some of you might be expecting me to post a bread machine. (Clearly, the thought did cross my mind.) Instead, I’ll take the opportunity to post a few photos of some fairly old-school recording equipment.

I work in a phonetics lab, and these days, most of our recording is done using a laptop, a microphone, and a fairly compact pre-amplifier. However, it wasn’t so long ago that people used a more elaborate (and bulky) set-up to make high-quality recordings. For a variety of reasons, part of the lab was dismantled last month, including a recording room that had been in use for decades. While I still had the chance, I felt compelled to bring in my camera and get a few photos of the fairly vintage equipment. (I think many of these pieces are a good 30 or more years old.)

For more people’s photographic interpretations of the theme, pop over to tnchick.

9 thoughts on “a few recording tech relics (photohunt)

  1. you know, i think my mom has some of that hardware in the basement from when she was working in linguistics in the 70s.

    need a good reel-to-reel or 8-track mixer? she’s got ’em.

  2. Looks like some stuff we have around here in the garage and attic. We bought the place from Josh’s grandparents and his grandfather worked on electronics and we have random items floating around here.

  3. What Laloca said — I have that stuff in my basement, too. Worked with even more primitive stuff in the early sixties.
    Love my modern techie replacements.

  4. Yeah, looks like early 80’s stuff. Maybe earlier. They largely stopped using RCA connectors on pro audio gear in the late 70s.

    That Tascam DAT machine is from about 1997 or so, tho.

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