off the top of my head

Hi! Remember me? Wow, it’s been ages since we last talked. It seems like years. Has it really been only a couple weeks? What have you been up to? Yeah? Man, I had no idea they could do that. With gouda even? Seriously, I’m constantly amazed by the power of cheese. I was thinking about you earlier today when I was going about my business. No, not that business. Sheesh. No, I think I was driving or ironing toilet paper or staring at my toes, or whatever it is that I do most of the time. It was getting close to lunch time, and I had this intense craving for ramen noodles. Which naturally led to me thinking about brains. And then zombies. Then mummies. And then dust bunnies. And then Welsh rabbit. So naturally I couldn’t help but remember that time when you got caught with the…ha ha ha, yeah. We totally don’t need to go there. Oh, you already went there. Again? Did they recognize you without your…Oh. Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to bring up such a sore subject. Right, right. I understand. Beach balls and ninjas. Say no more. Well, I’d better go. I have a lot of stuff I need to do. There’s a whole pile of lentils that I need to alphabetize. Good talkin’ with ya.

So, um, yeah. It’s been a while. Things have been crazy. Here’s a few things that I could write lots more about, except I should probably sleep instead:

    • We finally moved Theo into Phoebe’s room a couple of weeks ago. It’s been going really well.

    • I’m heading to Chicago next week for a conference. Solo.

    • I have a lot of stuff to do before I leave.

    • My poison ivy is still healing, over 4 full weeks after initial exposure.

    • Phoebe started preschool this week, and Theo started going to daycare 5 days a week. (Phoebe will be at the preschool 3 days, and at the old daycare with Theo two days.) This new schedule will give me 2 more days a week to do my work. Or alphabetize lentils.

    • I’m not really getting into Twitter. My romance with Facebook is flagging. I’m considering breaking up with both and taking up smoke signals.

    • I’d really hoped to resume last year’s “merry merry month of metablogging” this May. But seeing as I have so much going on, I probably won’t manage.

    • There are other weightier things on my brain that I can’t get into here. Imagine, if you will, my cartoon brain with a large cartoon anvil on top. Now put a cartoon elephant on top.

    • Finally, here’s a picture of Theo as a little baby with an octopus on his head. Actually, I don’t really have a lot to say about this.

Oh, and one more final last thing. Can you identify this movie quote?

When you can balance a tack hammer on your head, you will head off your foes with a balanced attack.

28 thoughts on “off the top of my head

  1. I LOVE this picture, and I LOVE this post. Congratulations on:
    1. Theo’s move into Pheobe’s room,
    2. the progress in daycare/preschool attendance, and
    3. losing interest in Facebook and Twitter!
    (I worry about being the only person on earth not using those, but I really am not interested in joining them… it’s just peer pressure, you know. Thus I’m reassured when those who have joined them return to what I like to think is “the good side”.)

    So, good luck with all that toe-staring/lentil-alphabetizing/cheese-ironing/pants-fermenting.

    1. Thanks, Sally. I love to write nonsense.

      As for FB, it’s not that I’ve lost interest, sadly. I’m still hooked on that crack, as it’s the primary way I communicate with a bunch of people. (Who live far away and don’t read/have blogs and that I never get to see.) But there are aspects of the site that are driving me bonkers.

  2. Hi Alejna —

    You sound very busy but hope that life is treating you okay just the same.

    Re that picture: did you put that baby Octopus on Theo’s head? And good that he doesn’t seem to mind it too much! :D

    1. Funny that you ask about the thing I said I didn’t have much to say about, YTSL! I’m pretty sure I did put the octopus on Theo’s head. Yes, it was a staged photo.

  3. Don’t really think I could topple all that chatter but loved it anyway.

    Theo with the octopus is dreamy. Makes me think I wish I were an octopus or at least had all those hands. I never have enough hands. Just imagine reaching into your your pocket for a pen, pulling a pad of paper out of another pocket, turning a key in a lock, answering your cell phone, handing your child a sippy cup, putting up an umbrella, wiping the hair out of your eyes and wiping the rain off the stroller all at the same time.

    1. Thanks, rima. Sleeping in is certainly not on the books, as the conference starts at 8 every day. And seeing as I’m footing the bill, I’ll likely not get to much room service. However, I will be able to do things like read on the plane and in the airport, as I won’t have any small children to wrangle. So that sounds like fun to me!

  4. I have red, black, and brown lentils. In jars. I have no idea how old they are. I guess it’s time to make salad.

    I made a face book profile once, but never a page.

    And I tried to Twitter, I tried, but I don’t have a smart phone, don’t want a phone smarter than me, and it’s hard enough to keep up with the blog much less a Twitter window bleeping and blooping at me as I’m trying to compose actual thoughts longer than 140 characters or whatevs the hell the limit is.

    Join the long-think revolution. Blog occasionally. And enjoy your conference, I hope you knock their linguistical socks off.

    1. If you do make the salad, blc, please share the recipe!

      I’m pretty sure I don’t have the right kind of schedule for Twitter. I also don’t have a smart phone. Plus I am too long-winded. I can barely reply to a comment in under 140 characters!

      I still love blogging. I do it in my head every day.

  5. You know what they say: Graduate School is 99% procrastination and 1% of getting that first chapter done! ;-)

    Hey, let me know when you are in Chicago!

    1. CG–
      I’m blogging all the damn time. It’s just that most of it is still in my head and/or various stages of draftiness.

      I’ll definitely add your tumblr to my list.

  6. oh, i know the anvil feeling. toss in a whale on top of the elephant for me.

    but Chicago! Oh, i was just talking with my hubby about how we need to get back there. I went to school there, and just love the city. Enjoy!

    1. Oh yeah, Painted? I’ll see your whale, and raise you a dinosaur. (I was going to say “a brontosaurus,” and then remembered that they don’t call them that anymore. But you know, imagine a really big dinosaur that’s bigger than your whale. Top that, baby!)

        1. oh.. and so I’ll top it by saying an Apatosaurus. I win, for getting the name right. ;) he he.

          isn’t this a terrible contest? I hope we both have some heavy weights lifted soon.


  7. Have a great time in Chicago! Is it hard to be going solo? Love the Theo picture, and the newer ones you put up a few posts ago. He’s such a cutie.

    1. Thanks, girlgriot! It won’t be so hard for me going solo as it will be for John, left solo parenting while I’m gone. Me, I’ll probably be so busy I’ll hardly have time to miss people. Well, that’s probably not true. But I always think it’s harder being the one left back at home.

  8. Good to hear from you! Hope the anvil and elephant don’t squish your brain…that would be a shame! Who would alphabetize the lentils?

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