East Bay Open Studios (or, What I’ll be Doing This Weekend)

This weekend is the second weekend of East Bay Open Studios, an event during which artists around the East Bay (as in, the region across the bay from San Francisco) open up their studios (or other exhibit spaces) to visitors. It’s a great chance to see a wide range of artists–over 400 artists participate.

My mother, whose fabulous mixed media artwork you see below, is exhibiting some of her recent work along with several other local artists in Oakland, CA. I’ll be keeping her company during the show. I’m really happy that I get to be in town for this show, as I tend to miss out on such things due to living 3000 miles away…

One of 49 images from my mother’s collection of 6”x6” pieces entitled Butterflies at Iguassu.

More information on the show can be found here.

7 thoughts on “East Bay Open Studios (or, What I’ll be Doing This Weekend)

  1. I love open studio days. It’s so fun to see everyone’s creative space and watch their process come together. Your mom’s work looks really cool!

  2. Alejna, it was great to meet you in the non-virtual world, and to meet your mother and see her beautiful artwork today!

  3. The colors are lovely. I can’t help but think of the blues and greens around rocks in cold seas. Perhaps your mother sees these colors in the water around the bay.

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