delayed onset jet lag

I should be running off to the first talk of the day, but I find myself dragging. On Monday and Tuesday, I ran around like crazy, trying to fit in as my things as I could, meeting up with my two local friends, and being so excited to be here in Hong Kong that I only felt tired when I sat down in my hotel room. Yesterday (Wednesday), the conference started. As you may know, conferences involve a lot of sitting in one place, and listening to people talk. Suddenly, the tiredness kicked in. After about 8 talks (which, admittedly, sounds like a lot) I realized that I was falling asleep on my feet (because many of the rooms don’t have enough chairs). I headed back to my hotel room for a nap. Today is not off to a promising start, as I woke up at 5 am, for no good reason, and could not get back to sleep.

In spite of the tiredness, I am still having a fantastic time. I have been doing quite well with achieving my pre-trip goals, with several items already completed or in progress, and a couple more scheduled. I hope to have a chance to write more about my packed first 2 days, and share more photos. But I think it will have to wait.

5 thoughts on “delayed onset jet lag

  1. Nice photo. I look forward to hearing (er, reading) more, but I’m glad to know that you had a fun and busy couple of days before the conference!

  2. very exciting.

    jet leg is a b*tch. i haven’t slept well for the last two nights, for no good reason, and feel like i’m jet lagged myself. bleck.

    looking forward to more pics and stories!

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