a little crabby

The trouble with committing to doing something like writing a blog post every day is that you feel this irritating compulsion to write a blog post every day. Even when you are tired and crabby and should really get to bed. And then you find yourself trying to work up any of the dozen or so blog post ideas that you have recently had, but find yourself too tired to follow through. You find some drafts that are half-written, but you don’t have the energy to half-write the other half. So you putter through your photos again and again looking for something quick to post. But you just posted cute photos of your kids last night when you were tired, so you want to vary the subject matter a bit more. And then you have all this work to do, which you’d probably do better if you got a decent night’s sleep, which you didn’t last night, probably due largely to an unfortunate binge of Halloween candy. So you putter around on your laptop some more, not doing your work, and just getting more and more tired and crabby.

This is all purely hypothetical, of course. You know, the generic you. Not YOU you. And certainly not at all me. I am only imagining these things, and not in any way speaking from personal experience. I am cheerful and perky. Why, right this very moment I am totally not slumping into the dents of my couch cushions and scowling at my laptop, but dancing around the house making everything sparkle. With bluebirds singing and everything. I’m like the love child of Donna Reed and Mary Tyler Moore.

Oh, but I did remember these photos. I took these during my hike with YTSL during my trip to Hong Kong. See the cute little crabs?

These first two were in a stream that we crossed over.

I think this one looks like it’s wearing boxing gloves.

This third one was a land crab. (Land crab makes me think of Land Shark.)

5 thoughts on “a little crabby

  1. Hi Alejna —

    Oh yay, the appearance of more shot-in-Hong Kong photos! Was hoping for that when I saw your blog entry title. And thanks for the shout out and links. :)

  2. I’m digging the Donna Reed/Mary Tyler Moore love child…the concept that sperm is no longer needed in the whole fertilization scheme is brilliant.

    Yeh, that’s exactly how I spent the last minutes of my waking hour last night. Grouchy about writing. Oh but I still had Halloween photos to milk. I have one more kid to plaster on a post. Then my idea bucket is empty.

    Sincerely yours,
    blogging again

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