obligatory Halloween photos

Here are my witch and frog.

The frog refused to wear the hood for most of the night.

Here, the witch completes the transformation of her brother into a frog.

We didn’t manage to carve pumpkins this year. However, we did manage to make some snowmen. Here’s hoping that this is not a new Halloween tradition.

Here was Saturday night’s pre-dinnertime snowman. My only contribution was to bring out a carrot.

This is one Phoebe made all by herself on Sunday. (Should I be concerned that she made a right-leaning snowman?)

We really lucked out with the storm, actually. You may have heard that much of the Northeast lost power, and many are still without even days later. There have been lots of trees down on powerlines in our town and neighboring towns. At least when we lost power back in August it was warm! So, again, we were lucky.

For us, it just looked like a lovely December snowstorm. With more leaves.

12 thoughts on “obligatory Halloween photos

  1. They’re so cute! I like how the witch looks kind of evil when she’s turning her brother into a frog, but meanwhile the brother/frog doesn’t seem to mind at all and indeed finds it all quite entertaining!
    Great snow photos, too. I think Phoebe’s snowman looks a little like a rabbit (with its ears flattened against its body).

  2. I kind of thought the snowman looked like a groundhog. Wonder what other creatures people will see in its shape. It’s like a snowy Rorschach test.

    The witch and the frog are pretty darned cute.

  3. Snow! I’m jealous! I still haven’t needed to pull on a hoodie in our neck of the woods.

    Also, yay! Cute kids in costume. I quite like the picture-paloooza that is Facebook and Google Reader following Halloween.

    1. And I’m jealous that you can go out without heavy coats, Kyla! I do like snow, but this storm caught everybody off guard. Especially the trees, who hadn’t dropped their leaves yet.

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