a long short day

I’m home now, after a fairly long day of travel squeezed into a short day. (What with the crossing of time zones, my day is only 21 hours.)

My choice of window seat was once again rewarding. (I’ve long been taken by the patchwork pattern made by agricultural fields as seen from above. Today the ones I passed over were snowy. This particular quilt of fields is tucked into a valley among striking mountain ridges.) I was doing work on the plane, and found the views to be somewhat distracting. I kept grabbing for my camera. Luckily, flying away from the sun meant that it got dark a couple of hours into the flight.

8 thoughts on “a long short day

  1. Wow! That’s an amazing photo. It doesn’t look real.

    Crossing time zones thereby shaving off several hours of the day…you could market this as youth regeneration therapy. Look younger in only 4 flights!*

    *results not typical

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