late-night line-up

Yesterday I crossed the finish line for my commitment to daily blogging, and even met a deadline for a conference submission. (Remarkably, I submitted the paper even though the deadline was extended, in part to accommodate confusion over date lines and timezones, since the conference organizers are in Shanghai, and probably most of those submitting papers are from timezones that are lagging behind. But they added several days, which may be overkill…) And now I’m trying to get things in line for another submission. The timeline is quite tight, since the deadline is Monday. As it is, I’m pretty wiped out from pushing myself for that last submission. I think I’ve been running on adrenaline the last few weeks, which is actually not a kind of line. And while I should be working on an outline for the next deadline, or some other more productive line of activities, I find myself goofing of online. And thinking up line things.

This list is but a scratch on the surface of all the things with line. (There sure are a lot of meanings of the word line, for a start.) If you have more line items to include in the line-up, drop me a line in the comments.

6 thoughts on “late-night line-up

  1. Oh my gosh! I had never seen the little cartoon of The Dot and the Line, but (as a mathematician) I’m familiar with the book. Norton Juster, of course, is better known for The Phantom Tollbooth. Thanks for posting that!
    It is probably too early to think about airline tickets for the conference. I’m inc-lined to think you dec-lined to use “headline” as your headline for a reason, but you might try seeing if Phoebe wants to wear an A-line dress to school on Friday. Failing that, you could wear eyeliner and dance a conga line?

  2. I always enjoy reading your lists. Here’s an addition: Wichita Lineman – popular song recorded by Glenn Campbell (the lineman being a powerline technician). The song was really popular when I was a kid.

  3. What does it say about me that I say both in and on when discussing lines? Hmm …

    And to add to your list:
    reading between the lines
    getting a line on something
    hold the line … football or phones, take your pick
    line item veto, an enduring dream of politicians everywhere
    and my favorite of favorites: “Lines and Squares,” by A.A. Milne

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