9 thoughts on “Pffft.

    1. Well, they’re not close neighbors, but there is a small dairy farm about a half mile away from us. I consider that neighborhood.

  1. Adorable! We have 3 chickens and Josh is dying to get a teacup pig. I’ve also caught him on the pony pages browsing for a pet for KayTar!

    1. We also visited some other neighbors who have quite a lot of new chickens. They were so cute! And Phoebe would love to have a pony, but we’re just as likely to get a hippo or a dodo bird.

  2. My grandkid did exactly that for the first few months of her life. And since she also had thrush, her tongue was mostly purple. Your photo reminded me of her immediately.
    The things that grannies can get sentimental about, eh?

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