On Friday night, into Saturday morning, I stayed up far too late. I was looking back through my photo library, getting a little teary looking at photos of the Theos that were. Newborn Theo. Crawling Theo. Toddling Theo. So many Theos, all of them cute. From the wrinkly little bald man phase, to the mop-headed toddler heart-throb, to the alternately silly and earnest preschooler, all these Theos just made my heart melt with their big round eyes, their ridiculously long eyelashes, their big goofy grins. Even more potent were those little videos. Man, that kid has The Cute thing going. It’s surprising that I haven’t posted more here of the cuteness that is Theo, but as with so many things, I have too much to say, so I say too little. All those moments I’ve wanted to record. Things Theo has said, things Theo has learned, things Theo has taught me.

At least I have the photos.

Here are some photos from Saturday, Theo’s 4th birthday.

Waiting for the ferris wheel.



Crashing a bit.

Second wind provided by Italian ice.

The “birthday cake.” (This role was played by 2 Little Debbie cakes purchased late Saturday night from a convenience store.)

Theo tears into his presents in our hotel room.

Theo settles down to try out his new set of markers.

Theo’s drawing, finished.

9 thoughts on “Four

  1. Wow! that’s a vibrant and happy drawing!
    Theo is seriously cute, and that looked like a fun birthday. Where did you go?

    1. It was a very fun birthday, for all of us. We had planned to go to Edaville, a small amusement park in Massachusetts, but they turned out to be closed. (Happily, we checked the website ahead of time.) Instead, we headed up to New Hampshire to go to Canobie Lake Park. Since it was a bit further, we stayed in a hotel, which made things even more of an adventure. (In a good way.)

      And yeah, Theo does some pretty darned cool drawings.

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