as white as snow (friday foto finder)

When snow falls in big cities like Boston, everything is magically transformed into a world of white. For a moment.

Before long, exhaust from the traffic and the spray of sand and dirt turn it all brown and gray. The mounds of snow from the plows sometimes look more like mounds of sand and dirt. The sidewalks become soupy with gray slush. Winter wonderland it is not.

Out here where I live, though, we don’t have so much traffic. The snow, for the most part, stays white until it melts away.

This was some snow by the side of our driveway, the remnants of the pile from shoveling after some partial melting and refreezing. I liked the way the elements had sculpted these interesting forms, and how the low angle of the winter sun illuminated them.

This week’s friday foto finder prompt is “white.” Given that the other regular participants represent warmer climes, I thought it was my duty as a New England resident to offer up this more wintery interpretation.

18 thoughts on “as white as snow (friday foto finder)

  1. Hi Alejna —

    I didn’t see snow until I was 13 years old. I remember I was so very excited when I finally did… but after spending my college years in Wisconsin, I’d be happy to never experience any cold, snowy winter. Still, I’m quite happy to see photos of lovely white snow like yours above! ;D

    1. Hi, YTSL–

      I can imagine how winters in Wisconsin would give you a lifetime’s worth of cold and snow! Winters in my part of Massachusetts tend to be fairly mild, and I admit that I still like them. (Not that I don’t get tired of them and eager for spring.)

      Anyhow, glad you enjoyed the photo!

  2. Looks like late-spring snow, especially with that bright sunlight on it. Nice to think of spring again in the heat of the summer.

    BTW I read “shoveling” as a noun first — like changeling or youngling. (Been reading a lot of fantasy lately.) The remnants of a shoveling… Poor little shoveling, he’s more than half melted!

    1. Good call, Jennifer–it looks like I took the photo in March. Also, I like shoveling as a noun. This pile of snow did look a bit like an anthropomorphic creature!

    1. Thanks, Archie! Snow can be quite wondrous. Do you hope to experience it some day? Or are you just as happy to witness it through photos from a safe distance?

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