3 white birds

Here are 3 unrelated white birds I’ve come across in the last few years.

A white dove at Alcazar in Sevilla, Spain.¹ (Photo taken in September, 2009)

A white rooster at a Massachusetts farm. (Photo taken in June, 2011)

A white peacock at a Massachusetts zoo. (Photo taken last Friday. And sadly not totally in focus.⁴)

I came across the first two photos last week when considering what to post for the friday foto finder theme of white. (I opted to post snow, instead.) On Friday, Phoebe had the day off school, so we went to the zoo, and came across the white peacock. And so my trio of white birds was complete.

¹ This pigeon-holed dove is also part of my collection of visual representations of idioms.²
² Perhaps someone can come up with expressions for the other two?
⁴ Should I just pretend it’s an artistic choice?

4 thoughts on “3 white birds

    1. I first saw one (possibly this same one–I don’t know how long they live) shortly after moving into our house, over 10 years ago. I heard a ruckus outside, and a dog barking. I looked out to see a neighbor’s dog running down the street…chasing after a white peacock! Happily, the peacock got away, and likely found its way back to the zoo. (The zoo is very close to our house.)

  1. Very nice set! Do you have a collection of trios of photos?
    I love the pigeon-holed dove!
    How about “Flabbergasted as a white rooster”?

    Doesn’t Lucius Malfoy have a white peacock? I think that’s mentioned in the final Harry Potter book.

    1. I do have a few sets of photo trios. This makes the 4th trio that I’ve posted (though I confess I’ve been thinking of them as “threesomes”): 3 hydrants, 3 fallen leaves, and 3 fruit silhouettes. I seem to enjoy finding patterns across photos I’ve taken at different times and in different places.

      I quite like “flabbergasted as a white rooster”! We should see if it will catch on. And I don’t remember the white peacock in the last Harry Potter book. I should re-read it.

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