ridiculously colorful Fall leaves

New England is known for its spectacular Fall foliage, primarily for the show put on by the sugar maples that are native to the region. However, there are plenty of other plants, trees and shrubs that put on autumnal shows of their own. And I have no idea what most of them are.

These are some photos I took around and about over the last 2 weeks.

This little guy is a shrub on the campus of BU. The leaves reminded me of confetti.

These leaves were on a smallish tree on the MIT campus. I loved the way the colors changed variably across the surface of each leaf, making striking multi-colored outlines.

This plant caught Phoebe’s attention at an apple orchard we went to a couple weekends ago. Likely a weed, these plants grew over 6 feet tall, and had very soft, fuzzy stems. (Phoebe wanted to just stay and pet the plant.) We were all amazed by the varied colors, covering quite a large range of the spectrum, and often over the surface of a single leaf.

This is just another shot of that same plant.

Anyone have any idea what any of these are?

12 thoughts on “ridiculously colorful Fall leaves

  1. I don’t know the first 2 but the last 2 are a type of sumac. Not the poison kind though! Probably one called staghorn after the fuzzy branches. They do have pretty foliage. :)

    1. Thanks, Annette! I believe you are right about it being sumac. (And glad to know it’s not the poison kinds!) I’d heard of sumac before, but never had an idea of what it looked like. (I can identify a very limited number of trees.)

  2. Hi Alejna —

    Pretty pics and I had to smile at your mention of Phoebe wanting to pet the plant. I have urges to stroke things… and yes, I’ve stroked rocks along with plushies, etc. (But no, before you ask, I’ve not (yet) hugged a tree!) :)

    1. YTSL–
      I think you should make it a priority to hug a tree!

      Also, I’ve been known to pet rocks, too. I often have an urge to feel different textures. (Which reminds me of how I discovered, as a child, that broken glass is indeed very sharp. Even when it looks smooth. Perhpas especially when it looks smooth.)

  3. Lovely photos. I don’t know what your mystery tree is, but I do know that we have some of them deep down in the ravine behind our house. I always enjoy the shape of the leaves and the colors.

    [Apparently they are sumac? Thank you, AnnetteK.]

      1. I think that they’re fuzzy– maybe. I can see the leaves, but to get to them is almost impossible. They are way down in the ravine, which I refer to as the forest primeval. But I’ll take another good look when the rain stops here.

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