a single leaf, before and after

On a morning walk in my neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, a bright Japanese maple leaf laying in the road caught my eye . I picked it up, carried it home, and took its picture on my kitchen table.

Today, while sorting through the frightening pile of papers, toys and art supplies that has overtaken the eating area of our kitchen, I came across the leaf again. Amazingly, it was uncrushed, in spite of existing within the realm of the piles. It still had much of its bright color, but had curled up. I placed it by the window to catch the light, and took its picture again.

I find it interesting the way the green veins made ridges, and curled in like fingers making a fist.

4 thoughts on “a single leaf, before and after

  1. ooooh! It was beautiful when it was fresh, and it’s fascinating all curled up and contorted. It’s still very vividly colored! And, of course, well-photographed!

  2. Ah, I love fall! You did a great job of capturing it’s fist-like attribute. It looked like a fist because inside it was crying over the frustration of fall.

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