one door, three seasons

There is a door at BU, on the street where I park, that often catches my eye. It’s a door on an otherwise traditional-looking Brownstone building, and its bright blue contrasts strikingly with the muted red-browns of the brick and stone. I happened to park directly in front of it yesterday, and it was featured among my rainy-window-filtered views. In editing my photos last night, I was reminded that I had photographed this door, and its companion red standpipe and vintage-looking fire alarm bell, a number times in the past. I knew that I had some photos of the door in question in the snow, and when I poked back through my photo library found I had one with it posing with a flower spring shrub. (It’s entirely possible that I have more photos of this door from other times, but I didn’t necessarily tag them for easy retrieval.)

Blue door, November 2012

Blue door, February 2011

Blue door, May, 2011

Finding this set gives me the urge to photograph some same subject many more times, but under different conditions.

5 thoughts on “one door, three seasons

  1. It’s a very photogenic door. I can see why you want to take more photos of it in different conditions!
    Does it have a new red sign next to it? or is it just that the water droplets distort the image and make the sign look different?

    1. Good eye, Sally! I didn’t even notice it, but it does indeed appear to be a new red sign. I looked back at some of my other photos from yestereday (since I took several shots for each that I posted), and saw that the new sign saws “Boton University — Residence — 164” in white text. Too bad! I rather liked the gold of the old sign. I think they may have been systematically changed all over campus, too. (That is to say, I’ve noticed the new signs elsewhere.)

      1. Yes, that is really a pity–the old sign was much prettier (at least, as far as I can tell from comparing the old sign in the second and third photos with the new one in the rain).

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