late fall snowfall

We had a bit of a snowfall Tuesday night, and while there wasn’t much in the way of accumulation, the wet snow stuck to every leaf and twig such that almost everything was outlined in white. Occasional water drops had also frozen, adding some sparkle to the scene. I took a few photos around the yard before the school bus came, and then a few more later in the morning during a short walk with a neighbor.

Here are a handful of my favorites from the morning.

A tree in our front yard that hasn’t quite given up all its leaves.

Along our house’s front path.

A neighbor’s rail fence.

This stone wall is at the dairy farm that is a half mile from my house.

Snow and ice on the shrubbery.

White snow, red berries.

Ice drops on pine needles.

(Those last two were ones I posted on Instagram, with filters. I posted a version of the stone wall there, too, but without filters.)

Once again, my trusty iPhone did some nice work. I’m sure my camera would have done a good job, but I am less likely to throw it in my coat pocket. Especially given that it doesn’t fit in my coat pocket. Maybe I just need bigger coat pockets.

11 thoughts on “late fall snowfall

    1. So funny! The snowfall drove home to me how much I love living in a place where we get all 4 seasons. Though I don’t love everything about it, I do love snow.

  1. These are lovely. We don’t normally see any snow here until the end of December and late January and early February are the times most likely to see a significant snowfall. Last year we never had a significant snowfall. Two years ago (or was it three?), we had a very snowy winter for Virginia. That winter we had more snow than my brother in Buffalo, who had a “light” winter…

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