ships in Hong Kong Harbour (friday foto finder: ship)

Seriously, I thought I’d manage to get my friday foto finder post up by the end of Friday this time, but clearly that ship has sailed. Here we are on Saturday Sunday Monday¹ once more, and I am finally getting around to posting for the theme of “ship.”

I do welcome the chance to dig through my archives and see what I can find to fit themes chosen by Archie for friday foto finder. A ripe period in my archives to find ships was from my August, 2011 trip to Hong Kong for a conference. That trip was amazing and varied, and I still haven’t yet shared all my stories and photos.² Below are photos of ships in Hong Kong Harbour from 4 different vantage points, and showing quite a variety of types of ship.

First, the view from the plane as I arrived:

Well, you can’t see many details of the ships here, but you can see that there are lots of them. But I just really like this photo. (I posted it before.)

Second, the view from the convention center where the conference I attended was held:

A view of Hong Kong Harbour from the conference center. (This was from day 3 or 4.)

Another view from the convention center.

Third, views of the harbour from Victoria Peak, visited during a rather irritating guided bus tour on my fifth day:

The bright colors of the shipping containers and loading cranes remind me of toys.

Another view of the cargo ships.

Fourth, views from the harbour itself, taken during an evening harbour cruise:

Many large cruise ships can be seen in the harbour.

When the sun goes down, the bright lights of these ships compete with those of the skyline.

Finally, here is one the red-sailed junks that are so iconic of Hong Kong.

¹ Time does get away from me. At this point, I’m racing against Tuesday.
² Well, I’m not likely to share *all* my photos, given that I took many hundreds. But I haven’t yet shared even all the ones I find worth sharing. My last recap post was over a year ago, with the recap of day 5 (part 1), and I have stories from the later part of that day, plus 3 more days before I flew back home to the US. A number of my photos, including some from above are posted on flickr. (Here are the photos from the 5th day of my trip.)

14 thoughts on “ships in Hong Kong Harbour (friday foto finder: ship)

  1. Those distant shots of the harbour are incredible. Living in a virtual backwater like Perth, our harbour may have up to half a dozen ships sitting around outside the actual berths in the harbour. To see so many ships in close proximity is awe inspiring! Thanks for sharing – and Friday is only a suggestion, not a deadline :)

    1. Thanks, Archie! And I live in even more of a backwater town. Well, we have a lake. Sometimes you might see a few boats on it. Boston is nearby, but I don’t often go to see what sort of ships might be in port. (I very nearly posted photos of some historic sailing ships, much like the one that you shared.

  2. I particularly like the second photo. The contrast between the graphic [machines] and the ethereal [mountains] appeals to me. Overall I’m amazed by how crowded & colorful this harbor looks. Wonderful photos.

    1. Thanks, Ally Bean! I like that one, too. There was often a bit of haze, mostly from the very high humidity, but also possibly due to pollution. (I think, though, that I was there at a low-pollution time of year. So this was probably humidity haze. My HK friend, YTSL, would know. ) It did add that ethereal quality, though, giving the mountains a layered look, with those gradient colors.

  3. Hi Alejna —

    Glad to see more photos from your Hong Kong trip! :)

    My personal favorite is the fourth photo from the top. Did you take it as your tour bus was going up Victoria Peak or something — as it doesn’t look like it’s from that high up as the top of The Peak?

    And re Hong Kong and junks: there’s only one true junk left — and it’s the Duk Ling, run by the HK Tourism Board. I believe the “junk” in your last photo is actually of the motorised Aqua Luna that’s built to look like a junk but actually is a newer and more modern vessel…

    1. Hi, YTSL!

      The ones from Victoria Peak were both taken from the path near the observation deck, which is a bit lower than that top. (You know better than I do how much lower!) I was using my telephoto lens, though, which is part of why it looks lower.

      As for the last one, I’m sure that you are right that it is a motorized pseudo-junk. I don’t think there would have been enough wind to move around the harbor that night without a motor! But it is nice to know that there is still one real historic junk in Hong Kong, even if I didn’t get to see it.

  4. Hi can I have your email? would like to ask if we can buy your photo- and have it in high resolution. thanks.

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