pushing buttons (friday foto finder: buttons)

Little kids love to push buttons, and my children are no exceptions.¹ Whenever we ride elevators with the kids, we have to give each one a chance to push the buttons. One will get to push the outside call button, and the other the floor selection. There have been moments of great disappointment when other elevator passengers have helpfully pushed a button for us.

Here is Theo pushing a button at the Boston Museum of Science, which is a great place to take kids who love to press buttons. Not only do they have more than one elevator, but they also have a number of exhibits with interactive displays that involve pushing buttons. This photo was from September, 2011, when Theo was 3 years old.

This week’s friday foto finder theme is “button.” Go check out the fff blog to see what other sorts of buttons people have found.

¹ Remember that time Phoebe called 911 as a toddler? I do. Grammy & Grampa’s phone had a big, pretty red button on it.²
² My kids have also been know to press each other’s buttons, but those moments don’t tend to make the best photo ops…

9 thoughts on “pushing buttons (friday foto finder: buttons)

  1. That’s a really great shot! When my eldest son was small, he loved to press the button at his grandparents’ front door. He could repeat that endlessly. Afterwards, we spoke of them as grandma and grandpa ding dong. :)

    1. You are right, there is something satisfying about buttons that make something happen. (And something unnerving about buttons that don’t seem to make anything happen. I hate pushing on a doorbell and not being certain of whether a bell actually rang.)

    1. Yes, my sister and I certainly had our share of mutual button pushing, and now we are close friends. And funny memory about pushing doorbells and running away!

  2. Hey, it’s not just little kids who love it! This is why I adore the self-checkout at the supermarket, the self-checkout at the library, the kiosk at the post office, using the ATM, etc, etc. BUTTONS!!! And since I’m a grownup now I don’t need to wait for anyone to tell me which ones to press!

      1. Feel free to also think of how I’ve managed to momentarily forget my ATM card PIN on two separate occasions, causing embarrassing, inconvenient cashless moments. ;b

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