fall, falling, fallen

Here are a few photos I took this afternoon in Boston.

Bay State Road in its full fall glory.

A group of students standing among the fallen leaves while a fire alarm went off in their building.

A BU brownstone residence, wearing fashionable fall colors.

A sculpture I’ve never noticed before. (It was on a route I don’t typically walk.)

I had this goal of finding photos each month taken on the same date in a previous year, but my available November 3rd photos of years past fell short of my expectations. (The only 2 I really liked are ones I already posted, and that’s not as much fun.) So instead I am sharing some largely unplanned photos from today. Now I need to get to work lest I fall behind on my work goals.

3 thoughts on “fall, falling, fallen

  1. Beautiful! It’s nice to be reminded of how beautiful Boston is in fall. That was the only season I liked when I lived there.

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