Since I seem to be on a run of posting old photos of flowers (and flowers from my in-laws’ house, at that), I figured this would be a good day to post these photos of poppies.¹ The top photo with the close-up of a poppy bud, with its fuzziness glowing in the sunlight, is one of my favorites. These photos were taken in May of 2011.


¹I only learned of the symbolism of poppies for Remembrance Day in recent years. Poppies seem to have a very complicated and often controversial coexistence with humans.

2 thoughts on “poppies

  1. Oh poppies. I love Iceland poppies (which are the type in your photo, if I’m not mistaken). We had some in our garden when I was small, and at a very particular point after they’ve bloomed, you can pick the halves of the fuzzy green wrapper off the new-bloomed flower. I loved doing that.

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