pigeons in flight (friday foto finder: pigeon)

(Last) Friday’s friday foto finder challenge was to find and share photos featuring a pigeon. I had a few pigeons to choose from, but my eyes were caught by these pigeons taking flight on the boardwalk along the Hudson River in Newburgh, NY.

Of course, I can’t post photos of pigeons without remembering this little movie I put together from some mostly accidental footage from my mother’s camera from our 2007 trip to Paris, that includes a fleeing pigeon. (If you watch the movie, it really does need the sound on.)

And if you want more of my pigeons, see my post called pigeon post. And if you want to learn something about pidgins, see my post called pidgin post.

To see what other pigeons have been posted, check out the fff blog.

5 thoughts on “pigeons in flight (friday foto finder: pigeon)

  1. I had almost forgotten the “walk in the park” video. It always makes me laugh. I was remembering also in Paris 2007, Phoebe’s delight in the flocks of flying and landing pigeons.

  2. That video is delightful! And the pigeon photos are great. Especially impressive: the texture of the feathers on the wings of the pigeons that are flying.
    Finally, it’s great that Phoebe features in both pigeon photos and the video. :)

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