flocking formations

I took quite a lot of photos on my excursion into Boston yesterday. While many of them were to document historic monuments for my son’s scrapbook project, I naturally took a bunch of things that caught my eye. Something that definitely caught my attention was the flocking behavior of some pigeons. It was fascinating to watch them swoop and turn as a mass. The first flock we saw, I barely managed to get a couple of shots with my phone before the pigeons decided to perch on a rooftop.


A couple of hours later, a flock caught my eye when my real camera was at the ready.



At the end of the day, I was amused to see this one little guy on the underground platform at Back Bay Station, apparently waiting for the same train we were. I can only assume that the flock was getting on his nerves, and he decided to fly solo for a bit (as it were).



Tonight I am grateful both for having a flock to be a part of (my friends and family), but also be able to have some time alone to do my own thing.

pigeons in flight (friday foto finder: pigeon)

(Last) Friday’s friday foto finder challenge was to find and share photos featuring a pigeon. I had a few pigeons to choose from, but my eyes were caught by these pigeons taking flight on the boardwalk along the Hudson River in Newburgh, NY.

Of course, I can’t post photos of pigeons without remembering this little movie I put together from some mostly accidental footage from my mother’s camera from our 2007 trip to Paris, that includes a fleeing pigeon. (If you watch the movie, it really does need the sound on.)

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