Shiny Apple Pi (and some peach pie pi, too)

This week’s friday foto finder theme is “shiny.” I have loads of photos of shiny things in my photo library, but seeing as it’s Pi Day, I coudln’t resist including some pi (and some pie).

Apple pi, on a shiny plate. (The apple is pretty shiny, too.)

A shiny pi server.

Here is this year’s annual Pi Day pie, which was somewhat experimental: a peach blueberry pie with a crust topping in the shape of pi, and filled out with circles of pie crust (each of which had the circumference of roughly 2πr). To see some of the other pi pies from my past, check out my old post, easy as pi.

To see what other shiny bits people are sharing, check out the fff blog.

fff 200x60

9 thoughts on “Shiny Apple Pi (and some peach pie pi, too)

  1. Happy Pi Day! (Hap-pi Day?) The pi pie looks tasty! I am sad that I did not manage to bake or even eat any pie today.

  2. It was recently brought to my attention that because this is 2014, the entirety of March is Pi MONTH! So I plan to bake pie this weekend.

    1. That took me a moment! Yes, the month is 3/14. Why didn’t I see it? Clearly I need more pie this month. (And maybe some more caffeine…)

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