cantonment highlights

This week’s friday foto finder challenge was to find and share photos on the theme of candle I did poke around in my photo library for a few old photos of candles, and even found a few, but then today happened serendipitously upon some candles. We went to a Revolutionary War historic site, the New Windsor Cantonment, where quite a few candles were around and about.

A lopsided candle hangs out by a chess set.

Many of these tin candle holders were hung along the walls of the temple building.

You can see the candle holders along the walls.

This photo has nothing to do with candles, but it was fun to talk to the costumed staff member. (Really, the candles weren’t all that important a feature of the visit. It was much more interesting to learn about 18th century musketry and medicine.)

(Here are some samples of medicines that were used in the Revolutionary war era. Not shown was the equally fascinating array of surgical implements, including many used for amputations.)

But there were candles. (I was looking for candles.)

Candle wax that had dripped down the walls made interesting shapes.

To see what other candles are on display this week, check out the fff blog.
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