Japanese maple in the morning sun

My neighbors’ Japanese maples are a regular source of enjoyment for me. The look of the leaves changes so dramatically from season to season, and even from hour to hour. I have photos from previous years where the red leaves had turned a purplish pink. This year they look a bit more yellowy orange. Or at least they did in the morning light a few days ago.

Really these are all crops of the same photo, but I wanted to show the beautiful color variation.

I especially love the way some of the leaves cast their shadows on other leaves.

It’s really feeling like fall these days. The nights have gone cool, and the air has a freshness to it. I do really love fall in New England.

3 thoughts on “Japanese maple in the morning sun

  1. We had the mid-autumn festival last week here in Hong Kong but it still feels like summer to me — especially with a typhoon having visited over the past 24 hours!

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