the glow of a sunny fall morning

After a stretch of rainy days earlier in the week, Friday’s sun was a welcome change. While waiting for the school bus, my eyes were drawn to the glow of leaves every which way.

Most of the maple leaves had been knocked off the trees by the previous days’ wind and rain, and the few remaining hangers on appeared to float in the bright sunlight.

A few hovering maple leaves.

Can you spot the lone red maple leaf that caught my eye, appearing to float among the pine needles?

The kids, standing among the many freshly fallen leaves on our driveway, and enjoying the bright morning rays.

Even the pure evil that is poison ivy glowed enticingly in the sunlight.

I love the confusing patterns formed by the mingled orange and green oak leaves and their shadows.

The view up our street.

I do really love the fall, especially living here in New England.

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