A gallery of damaged leaves

This seems to have been an especially good year for caterpillars, because I’ve noticed that almost all of the leaves that fall (as well as those still up in the trees) have quite a few holes or other evidence of having been munched. In spite of these flaws, I still find the leaves to be quite beautiful. Many of the holes even add to their character. (This is not the first time I’ve made that observation.)

An orange leaf (or what’s left of it), outlined in red.

This leaf was thoroughly munched before falling to rest on the thick carpet of moss.

The bright orange and red leaves tend to steal the show, but bright green and yellow leaves can still be quite eye-catching. (It was the colors more than the holes that caught my eye with this fellow.)

I like the way the mottled surface and holes of this bright red leaf echo the patterns of the rocks in the asphalt.

This graceful oak leaf has tiny holes spread out over its surface.

The holes in this oak leaf look quite lacy.

After taking this photo a few days after the photo above, I realized that it was almost certainly the same leaf that caught my eye again. (If you mentally flip it over, you can see the same shapes in the holes.) It’s interesting to see how the color of the leaf continued to change after falling on the ground.

I am not the only one who enjoys finding interesting leaves. Also, notice the funny ring of green around a hole in this leaf.

2 thoughts on “A gallery of damaged leaves

  1. I was admiring the flaws in leaves when I was sweeping them off the deck yesterday. Had some of the same thoughts that you expressed here. There is beauty in imperfection. Your photos explain that very well.

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