late hangers-on

Some leaves just haven’t gotten the memo that it’s time to let go.


These are the same trees I posted about 3 years ago. That year, the leaves turned bright red, before being tossed down like a red carpet overnight in a rain storm. This year, the leaves have been continuing to cling. Most are pretty shrivelled, some have lost most of their color. But in the angled morning light, I liked the way their mottled coloration looked like watercolor.

late fall show

The curtains have closed on the fall production put on by the big trees, but some of the smaller ones decided to put on their own show. Whoever was in charge of wardrobe design for this production sure picked some striking color combinations. I was also impressed by the lighting, which really brought out some of the technical details of the sets and choreography. I can’t wait to see what they can pull off next season.

I recall Central Park in Fall

It’s really not all that remarkable that I can remember Fall in Central Park, since it was just yesterday that I was there. However, Cental Park is pretty remarkable in the fall. Even late as it was in the foliage season, there was some striking color to be seen.

Various waterfowl in the pond by the Gapstow Bridge.
A trio of Muscovy ducks preening on some rocks in front of the foliage.
A single juggler preening on The Mall.
Dark iron lamp post and iron dark tree trunks among the vibrant leaves.
A graceful little Japanese maple.
A very twisty tree.

And in case you don’t recognize the title I used for this post, it’s a line from the song Danke Schoen. (Where “schoen” rhymes with “rain.”) I remember this song primarily for having been in the movie Ferris Bueller’s day off.

today’s assortment of ridiculously photogenic fall leaves

This has been a spectacularly spectacular fall here in Massachusetts. Every day, more stunning trees and gorgeous fallen leaves compete for my attention. Here are a few leaves I saw today that practically begged me to take their photo.

I loved the way these various leaves had arranged themselves on the driveway for a photoshoot.

This perky little guy stretched out in the shrubbery, the better to show off its striking flame colors against the dark green.

Just look at these two sweethearts, nestled together, and showing off their jagged lines and patchwork outfits. (And I can’t be the only one to see the heart shape in the top leaf.)

This elegant pair is showing off the classic New England maple style: deep red with subtle color variation.

And this one? So obviously just showing off. Can one leaf really get away with wearing so many different colors?

the glow of a sunny fall morning

After a stretch of rainy days earlier in the week, Friday’s sun was a welcome change. While waiting for the school bus, my eyes were drawn to the glow of leaves every which way.

Most of the maple leaves had been knocked off the trees by the previous days’ wind and rain, and the few remaining hangers on appeared to float in the bright sunlight.

A few hovering maple leaves.

Can you spot the lone red maple leaf that caught my eye, appearing to float among the pine needles?

The kids, standing among the many freshly fallen leaves on our driveway, and enjoying the bright morning rays.

Even the pure evil that is poison ivy glowed enticingly in the sunlight.

I love the confusing patterns formed by the mingled orange and green oak leaves and their shadows.

The view up our street.

I do really love the fall, especially living here in New England.