distorted views through ice

Part of what was keeping me busy over the last few months was winter. It was a long hard winter. There was so very much ice and snow. Record-breaking quantities of snow.

I love to take pictures of ice and snow, but I had more than my fill. Today was the first day since the first day of spring when it actually felt a bit like spring. Now that the thaw is under way, I can look back at some of my ice photos without whimpering. As much.

These are some photos I took through our breakfast nook windows. This ice was due to some early stages of ice dams. (I’m sure I’ll have more to say about ice dams.) The ice was really quite beautiful, sparkling in the morning sunlight, bending and molding the grid lines of the screen into curves and whorls.

It’s really quite hard to reconcile this sparkling beauty with the knowledge that it was the herald of thousands of dollars worth of damage to the house.

4 thoughts on “distorted views through ice

  1. Oh man. It’s so beautiful and yet…

    I still remember an ice storm that happened just before Christmas when I was in high school. The trees were coated in a half inch of ice. It was so beautiful and so destructive. My mother, though, made the best of it. She harvested so much downed evergreen, of many varieties – the house never looked better.

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