Finally dealing with the beeping oven (more or less)

I’m feeling completely wiped out tonight, for no real reason. (Beyond the constant anxiety about the many alarming things going on in the world.) So I don’t feel much like being creative tonight. Instead, I’ll offer a rambling slice of boring adulting.

Because this is 2020, our oven stopped working. The stove top still functions, but the oven part will no longer turn on. To add insult to injury, it periodically emits loud, annoying beeps to alert us to the fact that it doesn’t work.

Our previously trusty oven, alerting us to the fact that it doesn’t work.

Because I dread dealing with things like this, and because dealing with it wasn’t actually urgent, I put off calling a repair person. After all, we have a variety of ways of cooking food. Not just the stove top, but also a microwave, a fairly large toaster oven, an air fryer, a rice cooker and a bread machine. (Also a solar oven, which is perhaps a post for another day. In any case, the solar oven only works while the sun is out, so it’s not exactly a substitute.) Anyhow, we have lots of ways of cooking food, so I was even coming around to the idea that we might not have a functional oven for Thanksgiving. We are a small family, unlikely to have guests this year, plus we are vegetarian and so don’t have the whole turkey issue to contend with. So I was already figuring on using our various other cooking methods to make the various traditional items. Our toaster oven is even big enough to bake one standard-sized pie.

And then I realized that one of our favorite Christmas traditions is to make gingerbread houses. And we are not kit-buying people. We like to each design our own structure. This involves quite a lot of baking. Not too feasible with a toaster oven that can only handle a 10-inch square pan.

So I finally called a repair person, and he came this morning and looked. And again, because it’s 2020, the part required to repair the oven is currently unavailable. It’s not clear when it will be available. And getting a whole new stove and oven would be not only quite expensive, but possibly also very slow. (Because there have been lots of supply chain issues relating to appliances.)

So, I decided we needed yet another small cooking appliance. We got ourselves a counter-top convection oven. It looks a little like a toaster oven on steroids, and it takes up a lot of counter space, but it should work for baking gingerbread houses. (Admittedly, that will still be a very slow process, but we’ll deal with it.)

Our new convection oven, looking impossibly clean.

p.s. from November 13th: I apologize for backdating this post–I finished it last night and hit “publish” right before taking a phone call, and was too tired to notice that it didn’t actually post.

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