11 11 bits for 11/11

It’s now 11:00. And today is 11/11. So it seems only fitting that I should bring you some 11-related content.


  1. 11:11 My favorite time to see on a digital clock. Whenever John or I notice it, we always say “eleven eleven.” (I suppose unless we are in some sort of situation where that might be inappropriate. [Insert inappropriate situation here.] )
  2. I came across this little poem when I was little. (Before I was 11, even.) Each digit should be pronounced by name. (So for any “1” say “one.”)

    11 was a racehorse
    22 was 12
    1111 race 1 day

  3. 11 is 3 in binary
  4. musical eleventh:

    In music or music theory an eleventh is the note eleven scale degrees from the root of a chord and also the interval between the root and the eleventh.

  5. Apollo 11: landed on the moon in 1969. With people in it.
  6. The movie “Ocean’s Eleven” (1960) and the (2001) remake.
  7. The Armistice ending WWI went into effect on the 11th day of the 11th month. At the 11th hour, no less.
  8. The eleventh hour: the last minute before a deadline. As in “I’m usually scrambling to get my work done up to the eleventh hour.”
  9. The eleven o-clock news: a common time, and label, for late-night TV news.
  10. Elevenses. A light, late-morning snack traditional in the UK. Now seen as a bit old-fashioned. (As if snacking could ever go out of style.)
  11. “These go up to 11.” Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap is proud of his amplifiers, whose volume control dials have numbers that go all the way up to 11. Not 10 like other amps. So it must be better. And this list goes up to 11, too, you know. Lists that go up to 11 are better than lists that only go up to 10.

19 thoughts on “11 11 bits for 11/11

  1. It is not quite 11:11 here. I will now be mindful of this sacred time. Nice list, and now that you mention it, it’s about time for a little something, don’t you think?

  2. painted-
    Good question. I’m more likely to snack around 11 pm.

    I’m happy to spread appreciation for 11:11. I hope you spent that minute well. (And thanks for dropping in!)

    I do find heist movies fun.
    I’m glad to hear that you are carrying on the tradition of elevenses, even if not by name.

    It’s one of those things that stuck with me.

    Yeah, Nigel Tufnel does rock. (And nice to hear from you again!)

  3. Elevenses are very much de rigueur at casa az … Nog wouldn’t get through the day without his ‘second brekky’ (though he doesn’t look like a hobbit at all). In fact, for all the extra eating he does he remains annoyingly thin – snot fair!

  4. azahar-
    I’m happy to hear that elevenses are in style at casa az. (And as for Nog’s resistance to round hobbitude, no, snot fair.)

    Definitely start a tradition of elevenses.

  5. I almost didn’t want to comment, seeing that there were 11 comments and it was perfectly balanced. But I have this thing for 11:11, 11-11, and 11 too. I also trolled around your blog, including your about page so I could find out more.
    Thank you for the book meme – I’ve been a little desperate for posting something with content for NaBlo(me)PoMo.

  6. Omg! My fiance and I do that too! We always say: Eleven, eleven. Omg! What a coincidence! LOL ! We heard from Geo. Noory that it means something neg., but we don’t thnk it means anything. It’s just a fun time to look at.

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