further selections from the Boston Public Library

Here are a few more photos I took on our visit to the Boston Public Library on December 31st. It’s really quite a striking building, with lots of details small and large to admire.

A reading room with quite a few people apparently at work on New Year’s Eve. I love the table lamps here, with their green glass shades.

Here is another light fixture that caught my eye, this time for its leafy ornamentation.

There are fossils to be seen in the stone of the floors.

I loved this little corner with the lamp with the spherical shade, and the circle of marble in the wall echoing its shape.

This delightful mechanical model of the earth is on display in the map room.

The courtyard is lined with stately columns and arches, which can be glimpsed through this door.

The courtyard is a wonderful place to get some fresh air and stretch your legs after being dragged around a large building with a mother who likes to take pictures of light fixtures and spots on the floor.

selected statues at the Boston Public Library

I guess that it’s probably time I set aside the ducks, at least for the time being. Yesterday’s imposing duck and stone lion statuary from Beijing made me think of some other regal stone lions.

I’m quite fond of the large stone lions that guard the stairs inside the Boston Public Library.

We paid them a visit on New Year’s Eve, and wondered around the library a bit. I hadn’t remembered previously encountering this statue of a little girl and a goose. I can’t really tell whether she is supposed to be feeding the goose grapes, or trying to keep them away from the goose. Actually, I suppose it could be a swan.

I admit that what made me think to post these photos was coming across this photo of the statue’s feet. (Seeing the webbed foot reminded me of ducks.)