5 things

The guy over at //engtech is having another group writing contest. Last month, he had his first contest, and I participated with my “getting over V.D.” post. And while I didn’t win the prize, which was awarded by a random drawing, I did get selected on the favorites list, which is actually cooler.

This time around, the contest involves writing a list of 5 things. Seeing as I love to write lists, I’m all over this one. You can even enter more than once, so I’ll probably write more than one post. So here’s my first list of 5 things.

5 things

  1. thingamajig: a placeholder name
  2. whosiwhatsit: a filler word
  3. whoodger-doodger: a dummy noun phrase
  4. doohickymajig: you know, a thingummy or whatsit you say when you can’t remember the diddlethingy of the gizmo, doodad, dingle-dongle or dealybob
  5. whatchamacallit: a candy bar

5 thoughts on “5 things

  1. Ilya-
    Having someone new come by and leave a comment always seems like its own reward, too, so there’s motivation for ya. Thanks for stopping by!

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